Simulate The Future

The problem with innovation is that most people are focusing on the present, on the short-term, on the immediate problems. Most people are automating the present, not simulating the future. The best way to predict the future is to invent it. The best way to invent the future is to simulate it.

Most things done by most people today are still 'automating paper, records, and film' rather than 'simulating the future'.

The ARPA/PARC history shows that a combination of vision, a modest amount of funding, with a felicitous context and process can almost magically give rise to new technologies that not only amplify civilization but also produce tremendous wealth for the society.

Alan Kay

To simulate the future, apply mental contrasting. To innovate, you project yourself into the future and ask yourself: "What is normal?" Then bring your mind back to the present and ask yourself: "What roadblocks are within me that's preventing me from moving into the future?" Dedicate your time to overcome these roadblocks.

These are not technological problems but a lack of perspective. To innovate, you must broaden your mind and shift your perspective. To innovate, you must invest in developing technologies not for today, but for tomorrow and the day after.